RedEdge 35mm: Marvelously Multispectral

Capture your moments in full multispectral detail with a classic film camera designed to capture your memories in five dimensions.

Your style is multi-dimensional

Customize your RedEdge 35mm with a full variety of straps and camera holders.

clarisse-meyer-153935 (1).jpg

 Top-Notch Image Quality

  • Near-infinite resolution with fully analog sensors
  • Interchangeable lens holders – you decide the detail you want!
  • Vinyl long-term storage

Process with Ease

  • Atlas-compatible*
  • 5 individual film rolls for easy band identification


  • 421 millicubit x 437 millicubit x 252 millicubit
  • 3,800go0.1Hz capture rate
  • 36 captures per flight (varies based on film rolls used)*
* Mail your undeveloped film rolls to MicaSense and your imagery will be added to your Atlas account no more than 10 business days after we receive it. For Pro accounts, we will also mail back a framed NDRE map of all data processed each month

Your journey begins today

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