Sample Capture

Raw GeoTIFF Data (1 capture)

Samples containing the unprocessed output files, as they are captured by the camera, one 16-bit RAW TIFF file per band (based on 12-bit data) (six images: blue, green, red, red-edge, near-infrared, and LWIR thermal).

This sample data was collected from 120 m AGL.


Complete Flight

A full flight over an orchard at 120 m (~ 400 ft) with images captured with 75% overlap. It includes captures of a calibrated reflectance panel.

Mica Swoosh-03.png


This is a fully-processed 6-band GeoTIFF. It was processed in Agisoft and has a GSD of 5 cm per pixel. Each layer of the GeoTIFF file is registered to all others at the pixel level. Note that these images may not open correctly in some image viewers. They are intended to be viewed using GIS software (such as ArcGIS or QGIS).