Frequently Asked Questions

MicaSense Atlas and Pix4Dmapper Pro/Pix4Dag

What are the specific advantages of this partnership?

This partnership gives Atlas customers the ability to process locally and Pix4D customers access to the ag-specific analytics in Atlas. This hybrid processing and analytics solution means that customers get the speed and control of desktop processing, with the flexibility and mobility of a cloud analytics platform.

Will Atlas continue to process raw data?

For current Atlas customers processing will be available until the end of October 2017. Processing will be charged based on the number of captures instead of by acre at a rate of $0.07 per capture (minimum of $10 per map). For new users, Atlas cloud processing will no longer be available.

Can I also upload processed reflectance maps from Pix4D Cloud to Atlas?

At this time, the upload capability is not available from Pix4D Cloud.

Atlas pricing includes a charge for “captures” processed. What is a capture?

A capture refers to the group of images taken simultaneously by the multispectral camera each time the camera is triggered. It is different than the total number of images the camera produces.

For example, one RedEdge capture includes five individual image files (as there are five multispectral imagers on the camera). Since the Sequoia has four multispectral imagers, one Sequoia capture includes four individual image files.

What happens if I am currently on a trial of Atlas? What if I have a coupon for a trial?

The trial will automatically continue for 10 days on the new “Premium” plan. This trial will include access to your already processed data, and 200 additional free captures of processing, valid until October 31th. When your trial is over, you will be prompted to choose a plan.

I have a coupon for a 3 month/1 month trial of Atlas. Is that still valid? 

Atlas plans and pricing have changed significantly, and we can no longer support offers for the previous service. For new users, Atlas cloud processing services will no longer be available. Atlas will remain a cloud analytics platform but users will not be able to upload images for processing. With the new integration from Pix4D, users can process their data with Pix4D and upload it to Atlas for analytics. We are offering users a 10-day trial of Atlas Premium, which includes a number of advanced analytical layers, sharing and export options.  

If you'd like to begin a free trial of Atlas, you can create an account here.

How can I process my reflectance panel images in Pix4D? 

You recommend taking a panel shot before and after each flight. How can I use this data in Pix4D?

At this time, Pix4D only supports one panel image for radiometric corrections. We recommend using the panel image that corresponds to the average lighting conditions when the imagery was taken.  Please contact Pix4D support for more information.  

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