Introducing DJI SkyPort integration for MicaSense sensors

Industry standard sensors now fully integrated with DJI professional drones


Integrate the MicaSense RedEdge-MX or Altum seamlessly with the DJI Matrice 200 and 210.

SkyPort1 (main version).png

Through the DJI SkyPort adapter, mounting and powering both the Altum and RedEdge-MX is simple and quick. Need to switch out a sensor? Simply twist the quick connect mount and remove the sensor. Ready to fly again? Twist the mount back in place and you are ready to go.


2018-09-20 RedEdge-MX By MicaSense Logo RGB.png

The sensor that doesn’t compromise.

Our rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor for agricultural drone mapping, now ready to integrate with DJI SkyPort enabled drones.

  • Five narrow band multispectral sensors.

  • Capture plant health images and RGB (color) images in one flight.

  • High image resolution; 8 cm/pixel at 400 ft (120 m).

  • Single SD card stores all images with geotags.

  • DLS 2 with embedded GPS for easier integration, enhanced light calibration.

$6,900 USD

Mica Swoosh-03.png

Mica Swoosh-01.png
2018-09-20 Altum By MicaSense Logo RGB.png

(Re)defining agricultural drone imaging

A revolutionary 3-in-1 solution for unparalleled sensing in a compact package. Ready to integrate with DJI SkyPort compatible drones.

  • Simultaneous capture of five discrete spectral bands and thermal images.

  • Enhanced image resolution on multispectral images enabling high resolution applications.

  • High capacity USB storage.

  • DLS 2 with embedded GPS for easier integration, enhanced light calibration.

$12,650.00 USD




All DJI SkyPort kits come with the DLS 2, our next generation light sensor. With cutting-edge technology for irradiance and sun angle measurements, it provides more accurate, reliable data, greatly reduces the need for post-processing, and substantially improves radiometric accuracy. And, because it also contains an integrated GPS, setup with any aircraft is simple.

Advanced sensors combined with reliable and professional drones mean that you can count on getting high quality, accurate data when you need it!