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Instant Processing and More: Using Pix4Dfields and RedEdge for In-field Insights

Join MicaSense and Pix4D for an instructional webinar about Pix4Dfields and how it can be used with RedEdge. We’ll go in depth into the analysis and interpretation tools Pix4Dfields offers, including comparison, zonation  and prescription mapping tools, and answer any related user questions. Plus, we’ll show a live demo of Pix4Dfields processing RedEdge data!

In each session, we will:

  • Introduce both RedEdge-M and Pix4Dfields
  • Take a deep dive into the capabilities of Pix4Dfields, including a live demo
  • Detail a user’s experience with RedEdge-M and Pix4Dfields
  • Discuss the workflow of using Pix4Dfields to process RedEdge data

English Registration Here
Tuesday July 10th 8 AM PST

Spanish Registration Here
Wednesday July 11th 8 AM PST