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Wingtra Webinar: Multispectral Imagery with VTOL Drones in the Most Challenging Conditions

Join Wingtra and MicaSense as they discuss using the WingtraOne VTOL aircraft and the RedEdge-M to capture quality data in challenging conditions.

In Wingtra's first webinar, Yi Hao Ng from Wingtra and Robert Parker from MicaSense will talk about the next generation VTOL drone technology and how it helps professionals collect the high quality multispectral imagery over  the most complicated terrains. They will introduce the WingtraOne drone and RedEdge-M multispectral camera bundle and discuss its features and benefits.

In This Webinar:

  • Learn about multispectral data gathering with VTOL drone system WingtraOne
  • Understand the key advantages of the VTOL drone WingtraOne and the multispectral camera RedEdge-M as a bundle
  • Learn about multispectral data and its use cases in precision agriculture, research and other fields

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