Sequoia Sample Data


You will find here sample images and processed orthomosaics representative of Sequoia. The following types of files are included:

Sample RAW Image Files: Samples containing the unprocessed output files, as they are captured by the camera, one 16-bit RAW TIFF file per band (based on 10-bit data).

Rendered Images: These images show multi-color renderings of various vegetation indices and composite images generated from the reflectance-calibrated GeoTIFF files.

Orthomosaic GEOTIF File: These files show a fully processed output in GeoTIFF format. These files contain reflectance-calibrated bands normalized so that a pixel intensity value of 32768 corresponds to 100% reflectance for each band. Each layer of the GeoTIFF file is registered to all others at the pixel level. Note that these images may not open correctly in some image viewers. They are intended to be viewed using GIS software (ArcGIS, ArcMap, QGIS ...).



Data captured at 70 meters AGL (230 ft AGL) using Sequoia.

Sample RAW Image Files:

Green (550 nm)

Red (660 nm)

Red Edge (735 nm)

Near IR (790 nm)



ZIP file containing all 4 RAW TIF files and RGB JPG file: ZIP File (9 MB)

Rendered Images:






ZIP file containing all 3 PDF files above at full resolution: ZIP File (12 MB)

Orthomosaic GeoTIFF File:

GeoTIFF file (4 layers): GeoTIFF File (40 MB)

Spectral bands for GeoTIFF file:

  • Band 1: 550 nm
  • Band 2: 660 nm
  • Band 3: 735 nm
  • Band 4: 790 nm