About Us

MicaSense was founded by 3 experts in the unmanned systems and sensors industry, with a combined 30 years of experience and a proven track record in product and software development. We understand that professional unmanned systems are much more than toys. We started MicaSense to bring this expertise to the commercial imaging market and revolutionize the data gathered by commercial unmanned systems.


Gabriel Torres, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO

Unmanned systems expert. Passionate about quality remote sensing. Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering (University of Notre Dame). 


Justin McAllister

Co-Founder and CTO

Robotics and embedded system guru. Map and data geek. B.S. Electrical Engineering (University of Texas at Dallas). 


Jeff McBride

Co-Founder and VP of Engineering

Payload development expert. Embedded system and FPGA development superstar. M.S. Electrical Engineering (Virginia Commonwealth University). 


David Swartzendruber

Lead Mechanical Engineer
Design boss. Equally comfortable behind a mill, oscilloscope, IDE, or 3D CAD station. M.S. Mechanical Engineering (University of Washington). 




Brent Bradbury

Senior Software Engineer
Self-declared "lifetime nerd". Has built complex software architectures, including billion-dollar high frequency trading applications. B.S. Computer Science (LeTourneau University). 


Laura Addink

Operations Manager
Organizational master. Can (and does) get anything done. B.S. Business Administration (University of Southern California). 


Eric Waters

Director of Business Development
Business development master. Over two decades of expertise under his belt in the aerospace industry. B.S. Aircraft Systems Management (University of North Dakota).


Reed Nightingale

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
Embedded systems expert. Flight-critical aircraft systems and embedded controls. M.S. Electrical Engineering (Stanford University).


 Alyssa Ryan

Marketing & PR Manager
Passionate about optimizing the success of our customers. GIS expertise to boot. B.A. Urban Planning and Sustainable Design (Western Washington University). 


John Sulik, Ph.D.

Remote Sensing Application Specialist
Remote-sensing guru. Accomplished author and researcher. Canola expert: 3-year post-doc with USDA-ARS. Ph.D. Geography (Florida State University).


Ryan Lane

Senior UI/UX Developer
Front end design Jedi. Over two decades developing engaging websites and applications across multiple industries, including the future cockpit of the EA-18G fighter jet. 


Justin Taft

Electrical Engineer
Jack-of-all-trades EE. Passionate about electronics and embedded software. B.S. Electrical Engineering (University of Washington). 


Felix Darvas, Ph.D.

Data Scientist
Data science ninja. Over a decade in medical imaging and neurosciences, 30+ publications. Passionate about data from any source. PhD in Physics (RWTH Aachen, Germany).


Christine Olshefsky

Office Coordinator
Creative genius with a knack for organization. Habitual arts and crafter with a background in design. Exceptionally okay small-scale gardener and player in dirt. BA Architectural Studies (University of Washington). 


Adrian Prananda

Junior Software Developer
Robotics and AI enthusiast. Passionate about both hardware and software engineering. BS Electrical Engineering (University of Washington) 


Brian Artiaco

Senior Software Engineer
Software engineer, startup veteran, and technology hedonist. Passionate about service architecture, code quality, engineering processes, and developer mentorship. 


Josh Dickerson

Engineering Intern
Intern extraordinaire. Enjoys working on microelectronics and embedded systems. Passionate about games, outdoors, and trying new things. Studying Electrical Engineering (Washington State University) 

Drew Baustian

Regional Sales Manager
Agriculturally inclined. Seeks out future utilizers of our multispectral imaging technology and ensures current customers are getting the most value out of their MicaSense experience. B.S. Agricultural Sciences (Cornell University) 


Hilary Hutchings

GIS Analyst
Cartography and gemology nerd. Loves the practical application of GIS in the lives of individuals and communities. Passionate environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast. BA Natural Resource Management and GIS (Western Washington University) 


Manal Elarab, Ph.D.

Remote Sensing Scientist
Remote Sensing Agronomist with a passion for geospatial analytics. Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering (Utah State University)

Kelly DeForest

GIS Analyst (Intern)
Environment enthusiast. Loves GIS technology as it's a perfect intersection of science, creativity, and technology. Studies Environmental Science and Resource Management (University of Washington) 


Robert Parker

Customer Support Manager
Passionate about people. Customer advocate and product expert with a solid background in remote sensing and multispectral data. 


Thomas Grice

Software Engineer
Modern interface engineer. Passionate about bridging the gap between people and technology. B.S. Software Engineering (University of Texas at Dallas) 



Emily Ciesielski

Sales Associate
Guides interested users to ensure future satisfied customers. Familiarity with integrated pest management and agricultural best practices. BA Sociology and Spanish (Kalamazoo College).



Steve Larsen

Manufacturing Engineer
Always trying to push the limits of design for manufacturing and assembly for circuit boards and complete systems. Passionate about fixture design and hands on prototyping using CNC and CAD/CAM technology. B.S. Mechanical Engineer (Cal Poly SLO)




Laura Gomez

Marketing and Content Coordinator
Marketing enthusiast, user obsessed, passionate about content with a big interest in data and analytics, art lover and avid explorer of the digital world.
Master of Communication in Digital Media (University of Washington).


CPO (Chief Puppy Officer)

Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix. Certified ESA and general office mischief maker