MicaSense Atlas is a cloud-based data platform for processing, storage, management, presentation, and analytics of multispectral data captured with professional multispectral cameras like the MicaSense RedEdge® and Parrot Sequoia***. This powerful tool takes the tedious work out of generating accurate and meaningful orthomosaics and vegetation index maps, with quantitative information that can be used to properly interpret and understand the condition of your field.

Explore Atlas with a sample dataset

Explore high resolution RedEdge imagery of an 80-acre potato pivot, processed in Atlas to produce multiple layers for agricultural analysis. You can learn more about this field by reading the case study, "Potatoes in Pendleton".


Organize Your Data

Upload everything and Atlas will automatically organize your data into the Farms and Fields you created. No GIS knowledge or software needed.

Easy Upload

Upload raw data directly from the SD card of your camera after a flight. No need to post-process or filter the data. MicaSense's Data Uploader application (Windows / Mac OS X) makes the upload process easy with retry and resume capability.

Processed in 24 Hours or Less

Your data is processed as soon as the upload is completed and outputs are usually available within 24 hours. It's easy to view all your uploaded Image Sets and request processing of any of them at any time.

Multiple Layers in an Elegant Viewer

View your data within an elegant web-based map interface. Zoom in to the limit of the resolution captured without the need to download large files. Turn on and off layers with the click of a button. Multi-layer GeoTIFF orthomosaic and DSM files also available for download for advanced analysis using GIS tools.

Color Composite

Color Composite

Vegetation Indices (NDVI, Others)

Vegetation Indices (NDVI, Others)

Digital Surface Model (Elevation)

Digital Surface Model (Elevation)

Atlas Flight

Accurate Data Begins with a Quality Flight Plan

With Atlas Flight, turn your Atlas fields into flight plans, and capture data optimized for Atlas.

Access Anywhere

Access your data within Atlas anywhere there is an internet connection. With a GPS-enabled device, scouting has never been easier. Select the location tool and let Atlas guide you to the areas of your field that need your expertise.

Start Your Free Trial

Choose a plan that suits your needs and start processing today!

*** Sequoia Compatibility: currently, Atlas supports processing of the narrow bands of Sequoia (Green, Red, Red Edge, and NIR) only. Support for RGB imager planned for future releases.